Our Story

When the pandemic hit, our main source of income at that time took a backseat, and everything came to a halt. While spending time with the kids 24/7 homeschooling, and in quarantine, the necessity to diversify, and our natural love for food took the frontseat. Starting from scratch (lots of it), we started trying to replicate our favorite California treats. We started gifting them to friends, both familiar and unfamiliar with its roots. Then requests from friends and family started pouring in, and Cheeserolls by Miss J was officially born. This is our official pandemic baby that has warmed our hearts and our homes, and also allowed us to sustain our livelihood, and the livelihoods of our loyal staff who stayed with us through it all.

As we celebrate more years of cultivating our freshly baked goods,
we want thank all of you for welcoming us into your families and into your homes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a symbol of celebration, big and small. To constantly create freshly baked goods
and have them bring love and joy into as many families and friends in the years to come.